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The Lovebirds

Photo by: Alfonso de Alba at Snapped.By.I.Am.Lost.Photography

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Blessing and Burden: a journey into resilience, music and mental health

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Blessing and Burden

‘Blessing and Burden’ journeys with musicians Veronica May and Lindsay White of The Lovebirds who, through their songs and stories explore the unique role that music has played as they’ve learned to navigate the challenges bi-polar disorder throws into the paths of those whose lives it touches.

While mental illness affects one in four adults in the USA, people who find themselves in the often frightening and unfamiliar landscape of mental health struggles are frequently misunderstood, many times stigmatized, and often left with inadequate care and support.

The great hope lies in courageous individuals such as Lindsay and Veronica who, through sharing their stories, creativity and resilience are encouraging empathy, compassion, understanding and awareness.

If you’re as amazed as us by Veronica and Lindsay’s story and insights, check out more of Lindsay’s reflections here.

There are many resources out there aimed at supporting people with mental health challenges. Here are just a few:

start stop bwd fwd
The Songstream Project